"Tonight's African Jazz Band"

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$13.99 | CD | Catalog #CTN001
Release date: April 2009

MP3: Bara
MP3: Magali
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SOURCE was created by Quebecois flutist Sylvain Leroux as an improvisational group with a standard Jazz formation but was soon reborn as an explorative Afro-Mandeng Jam band with the introduction of Mandeng vocalist and guitar great, Abdoulaye “Djoss” Diabate from Mali and Guinean Fula flute Master Bailo Bah. With 'Tonight's African Jazz Band', Abdoulaye Diabate’s voice soars with the depth and conviction conferred by his legacy as a griot and his own infectious good nature, while Bailo Bah’s virtuoso playing of the 3- holed tambin flute combines phrasing and expression that reach emotional and textural heights

“SOURCE has been delighting audiences at Soho’s Zinc Bar for more than five years, holding down the first-of-the-month slot in this cool hot-spot’s long-running 'African Friday' series" NY Press.