Giddy Motions DVD
"Afro-Tech dance workout"

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$15.99 | CD | Catalog #MKAD001
Release date: September, 2012

MP3: Aunty Ayo
MP3: Aunty Ayo (dub)
MP3: Kollinloop Percusssion

Giddy Motions, a name coined out of the happy and euphoric aura of dancers at a party and also a pun on the local slang for the city of Lagos, Nigeria - 'Las Gidi', incorporates movements from the most recent urban dance styles and from traditional folk dances in the Nigerian socio-geographical landscape. The Choreographer and the dancers in this video, all from IJODEE DANCE COMPANY based in Lagos, have featured modern, traditional and street dances in their past productions but not usually mixed together as herein. In Giddy Motions, Adedayo Liadi, the choreographer and director of Ijodee Dance Co., had to combine vocabularies from these three genres to satisfy the need for a total body work-out. He then sequenced this to the contemporary sound design of Mr. Ayo Osinibi, the initiator of the Giddy Motions brand, music influenced by pop music of Nigerian and Ghana. All congealed to bring a distinct freshness to this dance-xercise program. Giddy Motions' music is decidedly urban. The percussion music of the Warm Up segment is derived from the instrumental of an urban 'Fuji' song, a Yoruba music genre played at parties in the cosmopolitan inner cities. The Main Work-Out (Giddy Jive) is done to the contemporary fusion of Nigerian/Ghana Highlife music and club beats (referred to as 'Hiplife' in Ghana) and also to Afro-house genre, known as Kwaito in South Africa. These are highly infectious Afrodance music genres that is guaranteed to make the body move no matter your level of fitness. Giddy Motions work-out evokes a fun at the party excitement while insiduously toning up your body. You will also lose a few pounds if you can make it a part of your daily routine. The total Work-Out time is just over 30 minutes.

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