"Levantine Indulgence"

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$13.99 | CD | Catalog #MP019
Release date: May 2010

MP3: Almaya
MP3: Illak Shi
MP3: Indulgence

With her voice as a common denominator, Gaida has found the soulful sweet spot where complex Levantine rhythms synch up with breezy hints of bossa nova, pounding belly dance beats, and that certain swing found only in jazz. Gaida’s songs, refined over a decades-long journey, unite the elegance of Arabic poetry and the refined ornamentation of Middle Eastern vocals with the sophisticated urbanite sensibilities of her New York city home. They translate the elevated tarab (ecstasy) into the indulgence of a personal passion to find her voice.

“Gaida's plaintive, gauzy vocals effectively disarmed listeners” Chicago Tribune. Time Out NY