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$13.99 | CD | Catalog #MUL018
Release date: August, 2008

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elodieO is a staple of the New York City LES/Nublu electro scene that nurtured Kudu and The Brazilian Girls. Aaron and Jesse from the Brazilian Girls are featured on Stubborn. Her sound is an elegant mix of 60's Nico-esque pop and 90's golden era trip-hop and down-tempo. Stubborn is a brilliant and complex album that is a suitable soundtrack for both a night on the town and for the more intimate activities that often follow. elodieO is originally from Paris, France and she sang, composed and arranged all the music on Stubborn with the exception of two re-arranged covers, one by Serge Gainsbourg and the other by The Cure .

"elodieO's cinematic live sound is a equal mix of electronic and live elements. It is both organic and very contemporary, groovy and evocative."..you could not not listen -- or be unmoved." (Boston Globe)