Sub Swara
"Coup d'Yah"

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$13.99 | CD | Catalog #LMCD002
Release date: Feb. 2009

MP3: Belgrade Riddim
MP3: Koli Stance

Sub Swara is a live electronic crew that represents the best in lo-frequency hi-vibration culture. The Sub Swara sound is a balance of practiced musical refinement and genre bending bass weight. Built for both the dancefloor and the headspace, Sub Swara melds dubstep, dancehall, and jungle, to breakbeat, midtempo, and glitch hop, mixing it all with a global sensibility. The Sub Swara sound engages and unites across cultural and musical boundaries.

“Coup d’Yah is a sonically crystalline collection, with every drum hit sharp as a knife and each bassline deep as a canyon. But the real appeal of the album lies in the way it melds its dancehall and dubstep inclinations with Middle Eastern melodies, subcontinental percussion and ragga-style toasting into a spare, dark stew, with its precise arrangements keeping the focus on the funk”. Time Out NY