Bliki Circus
"Bliki Charine"

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$13.99 | CD | Catalog #MULBliki
Release date: December, 2004

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Bliki Circus is a 6 piece orchestra from Kyoto, Japan. They play a modified form of Klezmer, Musette, cabaret and tango music from Russia and Eastern Europe. Their melodies and rhythms are electronically manipulated to seamlessly blend organic brass, banjo and accordion compositions with synthetizers and programmed beats, and then they throw in a bit of punk.

"Japanese musicians with a penchant for klezmer, musette, tango, and electronica - usually all at the same time. The music is based in the mystique of a European circus, and the atmosphere surrounding the sounds here is often dreamlike, enchanted. In particular, the hot klezmer can be intense, blasting out riffs and rhythms with incredible skill. Hot jazz pops out, slow dances stroll in, and rhythms flow throughout in ways original circus music never did." (